Top 5 Lip Sync Fails of All Time


We all love it when we catch celebs doing thing that they shouldn’t be doing and one of those things is lip syncing! Unless of course they’re taking part in a lip sync battle, then that’s allowed!

Today at Pint of Pop I’m giving you my ‘Top 5 Lip Sync Fails of All Time’.
Many musicians get away with it but others get caught red handed.

Number 5 – It’s Cher and her mom appearing on Ellen.
Cher is too busy worrying what side she should stand on to even notice that her vocal has started!

Number 4 – 50 Cent manages to continue rapping whilst taking his jacket off?
Has this guy got super powers or what!???…. Nope! Just another fail!

Number 3 – It’s Nicki Minaj reminding us all of that one friend who gets a little too drunk on a Saturday night! Is it just me or do we all have that one friend who acts like this on the weekend!?

Number 2 – Ashley Simpson throws her whole band under the bus after fucking up on live tv!

Number 1 – It’s the queen of lip syncing, Miss Mariah Carey!!
Directly after this awful *ahem* ‘performance’ Mariah tweeted “shit happens”… yes Mariah, it certainly does!

Soooooooo, that’s it!
Do you agree with the list? Do you have any lip sync fails that I need to check out?
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