15 Questions with: Everywhere


Every now and then I get sent music from various bands from across the world. Some of it is good, some of it is utter shit and then you have the hidden gems like this group.

Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to ‘Everywhere’.

The boys have a new EP out at the moment called ‘Fiction Act’ and take my word for it, it’s pretty f**king good!

I sat down with frontman Max Berga from the group to ask him 15 questions – I’m calling this one ’15 Questions with: Everywhere’ (clever title right!?).

Tell me about how the band started?

Once upon a time in a galaxy far away, I was invited to fly over to Los Angeles to record my bedroom demos. However, I had no musicians so I put up an ad online. I got a whole bunch of replies and after a rigorous vetting process ”Everywhere” was formed. Off to the States we flew and that’s how it all started.

Give me 5 worlds to describe the EP.

Heartbreak in an eighties suit – – I guess that’s somewhat 5 words? ☺

That is one impressive hair style Max, how long did it take you to grow it?

Thank you so much! It’s all natural, no perms! I get a haircut once a year, usually cut it pretty short and it’s always massive again just in time for the next cut.

What shampoo do you use?

I use a Swedish shampoo, it’s called something but can’t remember off the top of my head. However I can assure you that shampoo has very little to do with it 😉

Why are ye called ‘Everywhere’ and then sometimes it’s ‘Everywhere The Band’?

”The Band” part is just something we added to the online url:s because ”Everywhere” was already taken. However, it’s not completely uncommon for folks to assume that ”The Band” is actually an official part of the band name.


What’s the one thing you couldn’t live without?

I would very much like to say something sexy, but the truth is that my laptop is the most important thing. Without it the world would stop.

Who’s your celeb crush?

Taylor Swift

What’s more important to you and the band: Success, fame or money?

Our idea of success would entail both fame and money so success is the way to go for us!

How difficult is it to get people to hear your music?

It all depends on the song, when we release something that works it’s very easy, the exposure almost happen on automation. When we release something that doesn’t have as big of an appeal it’s as if the world just shut the door in our faces.

Best gig that you’ve done to date?

We had an amazing time at the Dublin Castle in Camden London last year. One of those shows where everything just clicked.

What’s your favorite song at the moment?

Starley – Call On Me (Ryan Riback Remix)

What’s the one song you wish you’d recorded that isn’t yours?

Sex on Fire by Kings Of Leon.

Future plans? – what are they?

Just keep on putting out songs and EP’s, keep touring, perhaps head over to the States for a tour at some point, and most importantly keep on connecting with people around the world.

Did you enjoy these questions?

I very much did! It’s been a true pleasure!

Is there anything else you’d like to say – ANYTHING!!?


So that’s it, that’s the 15 questions over and done with. If there’s any other acts you think Pint of Pop should feature online then drop me a message.

Check out the new single ‘Heroine’ from Everywhere here (It’s worth it):

So, what are your thoughts on Everywhere? Tweet me here: @EDROCHE
And don’t forget you can snap me at Snapchat, just search for edroche.


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