Look At Who’s Covering ‘Beauty and The Beast’ Title Track

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“Tale as old as time….”
We all know the song and we all know the classic Disney movie. Chances are at this stage that you also know the Disney favorite ‘Beauty and The Beast’ is getting released this Spring starring non other than Emma Watson as Belle in a live-action movie adaption.

Little has been said about who will sing the title track, until now!

It’s believed that two of the biggest names in music will team up for their very own rendition of the song.
Ariana Grande and John Legend are the two names that are believed to be recording one of Disney’s most famous songs.


The original track was performed by Angela in the movie, but re-recorded by Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson – it even won them an Academy Award in 1991 but can Ariana and John do better? Who knows!?

Ariana took to Instagram to post a pic of her in studio holding a rose (which of course makes us think she’s singing the title track then).

For now, we’ve got the Celine Dion version of the song that you can listen to here.

Are you excited to hear the new version or do you think that the original version should’ve been used in the new movie?

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