First Listen and First Impression: Snakehips, MØ – Don’t Leave

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The new Snakehips track has just dropped and I’ve no idea what it’s like but I’m super excited and we’re about to find out.
The guys have worked with some big names last year including Zayn and Tinashe but 2017 see’s the dynamic duo working with one of the most underrated singers on the planet…. MØ!!!

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At Pint of Pop today I’m going to do a live blog and my first impression of the new single ‘Don’t Leave’. Remember this is *live* so anything could be said….

Lets see what this one is like then.

*Presses Play*

Is that rain we hear?
Oh wait there she is.. It’s MØ!
We hear swearing (I think). It sounds like she just said “Fuck” not once but twice.
Holy smoke she also just said “Shit”. Damn I like this one.
The chorus is full of angst it really is something else.

The verse’s are simple but effective and by the way that production is spot on!
Shout out to Snakehips for the killer beats.
MØ is swearing like a trooper on this – and I like it.

It’s gonna be a big one this is.

The middle 8 of the song breaks down into a slick, production led section. It’s here where Snakehips get to let off some steam and show us what they’re all about and did I mention that chorus…… IT’S KILLER!!

MØ is on top form here – this is one that I’d imagine would sound even better in a stadium full of people belting out that chorus!

First impressions really do matter and fuck me, this has left a lasting impression.

Check out the lyric video which just landed and let me know what you’re first impressions are.

@EDROCHE (Twitter/Snapchat) Go hit me up.


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