Ones To Watch 2017 – Bishop Briggs

So the year is almost finished and the year ahead is looking like it could be the most exciting year for music that we’ve had for a while.

If you’ve been checking out my One’s To Watch for 2017 then you’ll know that I’ve selected some pretty good acts to look out for. That said, there’s always room for a couple of more.

Let me introduce you to……


Image result for bishop briggs

Before you say it – yeah I know she’s already an established artist, but c’mon we haven’t even scraped the surface yet with her.
Her track ‘River’ has got this Awaolnation – ‘Sail’ vibe to it that I adore.

She’s also just dropped the video for her latest song ‘Wild Horses’ which you can hear here:

This chick manages to combine raw, hard and raspy vocals with fresh ‘n’ glitchy production. The whole sound sounds like a lab experiment that should’ve gone wrong but instead the whole thing works and is 100% certified non toxic!
If 2017 can do anything nice for us all it would be more music from Bishop Briggs please.

So what do you think? Is Bishop Briggs an artist that you’re looking forward to hearing more from in 2017? Why don’t you follow me on twitter here and tell me who you’re ‘One To Watch’ is!


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