Ones To Watch 2017 – Cruel Youth

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Where do I begin with this one? First of all lets not have any prejudgment here and just listen to this damn song!
It’s called ‘Hatefuck’ by Cruel Youth.

I expect big things for Cruel Youth for 2017 and now that you’ve listened to the song, I’ve got a little confession to make. Cruel Youth is actually VERBALICIOUS!!!

Yes, this very Verbalicious…

The same Verbalicious that then went on to become Natalia Kills…

Anyway that’s enough about the history of Cruel Youth – lets move forward with the three piece girl band fronted by Teddy Sinclair aka Natalia Kills. Fuck me, the girl seriously suffers with a case of identity – she’s confusing me now. What do I call her?

Cruel Youth sound a little like Lana Del Ray and Amy Winehouse created a baby and this was the result. The music is far more mature than anything we’ve ever heard from Natalia/Teddy/…..You get the idea!!!

Lets be honest here; Teddy Sinclair deserves her time to shine and rip up the charts, she’s been creating brilliant pop tunes for a lifetime but never really gained massive international success as a performer – could that all be about to change with Cruel Youth?

Let’s hope so for her sake and ours! Keep this shit up!!!

Check out the other brilliant track called ‘Mr. Watson’ here:

So what do you think of my ‘One To Watch for 2017’ – Do you agree?
Tweet Ed Roche on twitter and tell me if you’ve any suggestions on who should be featured next. Check back in with Pint of Pop soon to see who else is on the ones to watch list.


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