Ones To Watch 2017 – RAYE


You might know of this artist from Jonas Blues latest track ‘By Your Side’ but don’t be fooled into thinking RAYE is just another singer that features on other artist tracks! This girl is the real deal – bringing pop music into a new era. RAYE combines unexpected beats with haunting/futuristic vocals, it’s pretty hard to describe actually!

You could say she’s created her own genre of music! If you don’t believe me then check out her new single ‘Shhh’ here:

I’m pretty sure RAYE will SLAY in 2017 (see what I did there!?) She’s got some other tracks that are worth checking out, including this gem:

So what do you think of my ‘One To Watch for 2017’ – Do you agree?
Tweet Ed Roche on twitter and tell me if you’ve any suggestions on who should be featured next. Check back in with Pint of Pop soon to see who else is on the ones to watch list.


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