Roll Up, Roll Up, Here Are 5 Circus Themed Videos

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The Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards are happening this Thursday night and we can’t flipping wait. You would’ve heard the good news by now that Pint of Pop is up for Innovation Blog 2016 – here’s the proof!

Blog-Awards Finalist

With the theme of the night being ‘The Circus’, we’ve decided to feature 5 songs with circus themes in them because who the hell doesn’t love the circus!?

Britney Spears – Circus

Circus Rating: 4/5
Britney manages to get 4/5 for this one. Everything about it screams circus from the title of the song to the video itself. Unfortunately the product placement at the start kills it for us, also there’s not a clown in sight! Sorry Britney you almost got full marks but not quite.

Coldplay – Magic

Circus Rating: 2/5
When we think of the circus, we think colour! Sadly for the Coldplay lads their ‘Magic’ video lacks any sort of color, other than black and white. Sure, it’s the style they were going for but it’s not enough to get a 5/5. Sorry boys!

V V Brown – Shark In The Water

Circus Rating: 3/5
Although this isn’t the official music video for the song, it is rather good one. Did we mention this is one of our favourite pop songs of recent years (it’s so underrated). V V looks unbelievable as the ring master in this vid and that’s all we have to say on the matter.

Melanie Martinez – Carousel

Circus Rating: 1/5
Yeah it features a carousel and the song itself has circus elements but that simply doesn’t cut it. We do happen to love Melanie and this video but it’s no where near close to a 5/5 circus rating. Perhaps if she got ‘Krusty The Clown’ involved in some way she’d have rated higher.

Christina Aguilera – Hurt

Circus Rating: 5/5
It’s got jugglers, clowns and a massive elephant! What’s not to love!? We salute you Christina.

Bring on the awards night September 15th and I’d like to say good luck to everyone nominated.

Author: Ed Roche



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