5 Songs That Could Feature On Stranger Things Season 2

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The good news for Stranger Things fans is that season 2 is coming our way.
Netflix confirmed the obvious news earlier in the week that Mike, Lucas, Dustin and the rest of the Stranger Things cast will be returning.
We’re already getting way too excited about the idea of seeing what our new favorite people on the planet get up to next.

Sure, it had a brilliant cast, a gripping story and it payed homage to some of the greatest 80’s movies out there. But, it also has a killer soundtrack (don’t get us started on that opening scene).

Check out the trailer for season two that features THAT score.

Today at Pint of Pop, we’ve created a list of 5 songs that could feature on Stranger Things Season 2. Remember the second season is set in 1984 so we had to go way back for this one and select songs that were released before that year. Of course it goes without saying that they have to be in keeping with the feel of the show.

How excited are you for Stranger Things Season 2?
Tell Ed Roche (the guy who wrote this and created this site) on twitter.

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