The Greatest Debut Album From An X Factor Winner Is…

 The X Factor returned to our tv screens this weekend and as promised for the 13th year in a row “The X Factor is searching for the next big thing in music”.
We can’t help but feel that after 12 years on our screen the show really needs to get its shit together!
Whatever happened to winners Ben Haenow, Leon Jackson and Matt Cardle? We were once told that these guys would sell millions of records across the world – lets call a spade a spade, it simply hasn’t happened yet and it’s looking doubtful it’ll happen any time soon.

As we often see with these shows, the winner rarely has global successs. In fact it’s usually the runner up or the one that “should’ve won” that ends up selling records.

We’ve decided to rate our ‘Top 5 X Factor Winners Debut Albums’ – We also understand that’s a very long title but this was our second option, ‘Top 4 X Factor Winners Debut Albums, We Actually Couldn’t Pick 5 Because The Rest Were Shit, So You’ll Have To Do With 4 Albums!’.

We understand that the 2nd option was an awful choice but in actual fact, that’s exactly what happened.
To date, The X Factor has failed to produce 5 decent debut albums from a winner so here are our 4!

4) James Arthur – James Arthur

Image result for james arthur album
Released in 2013, James Arthur gave us his debut album called, you guessed it, James Arthur!
The album had some pretty decent songs on it but it was let down by bad single choices and James’ potty mouth.
Sadly for James he didnt play ball with Simon and co. He was dropped from SYCO and has failed to set the charts on fire since then. There’s no denying that this guy has an incredible voice and really would love to see this guy back in the recording studio soner rather than later.

The Song That Should’ve Been A Single: Certain Things.

3) Alexandra Burke – Overcome

‘Bad Boys’
and ‘Broken Heels‘ really gave this album from Alexandra Burke a good start. It also saw the release of ‘All Night Longft. Pitbull which proved to be a massive hit for Miss Burke.
The album had a mixture of uptempo numbers and some ballads and it really was a solid effort for a debut album. Since the albums release, she’s had a second album which was just awful! On the plus side she’s been staring in The West End in The Bodyguard and she’ll also be taking to the stagr in Dublin in Sister Act – The Musical.

The Song That Should’ve Been A Single: Nothing But The Girl

2) Little Mix – DNA

Since they sang ‘E.T’ Katy Perry on the live shows, we knew that Little Mix had fire in their belly. Their debut album proved critics wrong and it was obvious that these girls were the real deal after just one listen.

‘Wings’ ‘DNA’
and ‘Change Your Life’ were all singles from that album but the best songs were never released. The album was a fun pop record that had slight RnB influences but kept everything sugary and sweet. We loved it though and it kept us wanting more.
The girls are currently recording their 4th studio album and their career look like it won’t be finishing any time soon.

The Song That Should’ve Been A Single: Stereo Soldier

1) Leona Lewis – Spirit

There’s no denying that Leona Lewis has a powerful voice. There’s also no denying that Spirit is a brilliant album even if you’re not an X Factor fan.
When released, pretty much everybody owned a copy, it really put the show on the map and put some dollars in Simons pocket.

‘Bleeding Love’
(the first proper single from that album) went on to sell millions of copies and the album soon followed in the singles footsteps. It was all looking good for Leona, Spirit was a success, it even got re-released with some bonus tracks. A few years later she came back with album number 2, then album 3 (this is where shit went downhill), then a christmas album followed! Leona moved record labels and released another album and that also flopped!
We still believe Leona has that killer album inside of her bursting to come out. If we could give her some advice then we’d tell her team up with Naughty Boy, hook up with Rudimental and switch up your sound.

The Song That Should’ve Been A Single: Take A Bow

What album was your favourite from an X Factor winner? Go tell us on twitter!

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