Throwback Track: Boogie Pimps – Somebody To Love


Awwhh man! (or woman – without the risk of sounding sexist) This song takes us back!
It was the era of countless Ministry of Sound compilation albums, Clubland CDs and NOW! That’s What I Call Dance records. The early 2000’s were dominated by dance music (at least they were for us).

Our throwback track today is from Boogie Pimps – Somebody To Love. The song was initially released in 1967 back when your granny was walking to school in her bare feet.
If you’re curious, we can tell you the song was recorded by Jefferson Airplane and it sounded a little like this.

What a blast from the past!

Fast forward to the year 2002 and cue Boogie Pimps who got their hands on the record. The video for the song sparked a lot of controversy at the time, as it featured babies jumping out of an airplane and landing on some woman who forgot to dress herself.

Ooh look there she is, on what looks like the set of Emmerdale!

No comment!

Take a listen to this floorfiller here and turn it right up.


What tracks do you think should feature as our next throwback? You call tell the creator of Pint of Pop in twitter here: Ed Roche


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