5 Songs From The Cinema That We Like


2016 has been a pretty good year at the movies but how have the songs that featured on some of this years biggest films sounded?
It appears that 2016 has seen an array of artist jump on the soundtracks to some of this years biggest movies. Maybe they’re fans of the motion picture or perhaps they were capitalizing on the movies success! Hey, if the movie does well in the box office then so does the track, right!?
Featuring on a films soundtrack doesn’t guarantee you a worldwide number 1. Sure, it worked for Celine Dion with ‘My Heart Will Go On’ – Titanic. It even worked a treat for Whitney Houston ‘I Will Always Love You’ – The Bodyguard, but that was the 90’s!

It’s 2016 now and featuring a song on a blockbuster isn’t what it used to be. It seems that just about anyone will get on board a films soundtrack for their own gain.

Today at Pint of Pop we take a look at our favourite songs from the cinema in 2016.
Who have we crowed our number 1? Take a look below.

5) Shakira – Try Everything / Zootopia

4) 21 Pilots – Heathens / Suicide Squad

3) P!nk – Just Like Fire / Alice Through The Looking Glass

2) Hozier – Better Love / The Legend of Tarzan

1) 5 Seconds of Summer – Girls Talk Boys / Ghostbusters

So there you have it! Do you agree with our list? Who would you have placed at number 1?
We understand that 5 Seconds of Summer isn’t a popular choice with many but we love the track and we’re not ashamed to admit it!

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