It Looks Like Rihanna’s New Single Is A Goodun!

rihanna-02If you’re a Rihanna fan then this news should make you very happy.

A little birdy has told us what Rihannas new single will be and we happen to believe them.
It looks like ‘Love On The Brain’ will be the latest track to be released from Rihanna’s album ‘ANTI’. This makes us extremely happy! Back when ‘ANTI’ was released we did a track by track review of the album and even back then ‘Love On The Brain’ was our favourite song from the record. That still remains the case, it really is one of the better songs to come from the R’n’B star.

A few months ago Rihanna performed ‘LOTB’ at The Billboard Awards 2016 – have a look at her stunning vocal performance here:

We’ve got a strong feeling that the single version might be slightly different to the album version but time will tell whether that’s the case.

Check out the alleged artwork for the single too. Riri looks like she’s having a really bad day – awwwh bless!

Author: Ed Roche


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