Listen: ‘Fuck Apologies’ – JoJo Swears On New Record With Wiz Khalifa (And We Love It)


“I ain’t apologizing for shit!” – That’s the first lyric from the brand new track from JoJo. When you hear a lyric which such language at the very beginning then you instantly know you’re onto a winner.
The brand new single from JoJo has just dropped and you can check out the video below. ‘Fuck Apologies’ features Wiz Khalifa giving us lots of “uuuhs” and “yeahhs” in the background but actually his verse adds some welcome attitude to an already attitude driven record.
JoJo’s vocals are smooth as fudge and we’ve high hopes that this is the songs that will get JoJo recognised all over again. It’s been over 12 years since the then 13 year old songstress first hit the airwaves with her 2004 debut single ‘Leave (Get Out)’.

Fast forward to 2016 – She’s all grown up and swearing like a trooper, alongside Wiz Khalifa!
‘Fuck Apologies’ will surprise people in the best possible way. It’s one of them tracks that will give your ears immense pleasure and that head of yours an intense workout (we’ve been head bopping for a good 40 minutes so far after hitting the replay button on the track). On the plus side our neck is stronger and our ears are happier.

If anyone doesn’t like the new JoJo track then we will take it as a personal insult.
This should see JoJo at the top of the charts again. However, we predict this will be one of the most underrated pop records of 2016 which is a damn shame. Radio needs to play this track and you folk need to download and stream the shit out of it!

We’ve really hyped this one up so maybe it’s best you take a listen.

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So what do you think of the new JoJo single? Go tell Ed!

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