These Bouncers Will Have You In Stitches In ‘Infinity Ink – Full Capacity’ Music Vid

At first we thought it was weird, then we were confused and literally 40 seconds in – we loved it!
You have to check out the new video from Infinity Ink called ‘Full Capacity’.
The song is an absolute floor filler and has some quirky lyrics about not getting into the club – we’ve all been there right!? As much as we love the track, it’s the video that really shines for us.  It deserves some sort of award for comedy performance of the year in a music video.

This video is so bizarre that we’ve actually fallen in love with it!
C’mon, what’s not to love?

It’s got a caveman, it’s got remote control brains that look like rocks, but ultimately it’s got over excited bouncers that you would never bump into on a night out in Coppers (or would you?).

The bouncers are the real stars of this video and here’s:

5 Reasons Why We Love Them Bouncers So Much!

1 – They’re practically showering in dollar bills!


2 – They ride garden chairs like horses!


3 – They hold a cave man in a wedding dress!



4 – One if them looks like Pat Butcher!


5 – Their ability to take a bow needs some serious work!


Check out the video here and tell us if you love it as much as we did!

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