New Irish Music: Hare Squead – If I Ask


When you first hear this track you’re going to probably double check that it is in fact Irish music. We promise, we’re telling the truth.
The Coors, Daniel O’ Donnell and the likes of Enya have well and truly gone to bed for this one and we plan on making them wake up with the sound of Hare Squead! We’re sure they’re pleased!

‘If I Ask’ blends drum n bass, garage and rap together to form what can only be described as an urban knockout!
The track really is worthy of a high chart placing provided you lot go out and download the damn thing.

According to the lads website, Hare Squead are “three black Irish kids making waves”. We reckon they’ll be making a lot more than waves if they continue the same direction for future singles.

Check out the video from Tony, Jessy and E-Knock aka hare Squead here.

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