Could We Get A Second ‘This Is What You Came For’ Video?


The new Calvin Harris video for ‘This Is What You Came For’ ft. Rihanna has just been released.

The song has been floating around for weeks but today fans can finally see the full video here at Pint of Pop.

Before you watch the video we have to admit we’re really disappointed!

Reason Number 1 – It was clearly made on the cheap.

Reason Number 2 – Instead of visiting really exotic locations they opted for a screen.

Reason Number 3 – Calvin Harris wasn’t even arsed to show up to his own video.

Reason Number 4 – These are two of the highest paid artists in music and this is all they could come up with?

Reason Number 5 – It was made for about €20

Reason Number 6 – This is just sheer laziness!!

Ok, you get the idea. We’re not impressed.

When we initially heard the song we imagined what the video would look like and we came up with something like this!

Take a look at our story board for the track.

Rihanna rocks up at a tropical island on one of these boats by herself, standing tall and ready for the biggest beach party of her life.

There’s guys fire breathing as Calvin Harris DJ’s for a beach full of party animals.

Speaking of animals – Rihanna finds a venomous snake begins dancing with it and randomly kisses it!

Once THAT kiss happen it cuts to lots of lightning shots on the beach!

The video ends with a romantic kiss between two unidentified people!

The world goes into a frenzy thinking it’s Calvin and Rihanna.

Is this the real reason Taylor Swift dumped him? Where’s the snake gone?

Take a look at the video for yourself and tell us what do you think!?

Author: Ed Roche


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