5 Tracks That Made Us Love The Waltzer In Tramore


Growing up in the 90’s in Ireland, your summer wasn’t complete without a trip to Tramore and a bag of chips from Doolys chipper at the end of the night.

But before a chip even touched our lips there was the small task of spending hours at the carnival whilst screaming “fassstteeerrrrr” on the waltzer!

Those 3 minutes on the waltzer we’re the greatest! That moment when the young fella from Waterford (on his summer job) would come over and spin your waltzer round and around just because you were lucky enough to be sitting next to the girl who had some cleavage on show, it really was special.

It was special, not because there was the opportunity for some free boob, but because it made your £2.00 last a whole lot longer. You could get the ride of your life whilst listening to some “daycent choons” for two quid. The randy 17 year old lad got a birds eye view of “some wans” cleavage and “yerwan” felt like a queen getting all the attention knowing full well that her Pennys tank top was money well spent!

Today at Pint of Pop we’re looking at:

‘5 Tracks That Made Us Love The Waltzer In Tramore’

First up, it’s this one from Lou Bega – ‘Mambo Number 5’
That moment when he sang “A little bit of Monica in my life, a little bit of Erica by my side” and you were luck enough to be sitting next to Erica who was on her summer holidays was truly unique!

Next on the list was a song that everyone knew the lyrics to but we didn’t have a clue who sang it. If only Shazam was around back in the 90’s!
It’s Love Inc – ‘You’re A Superstar’

Who would’ve thought that Ricky Martin was an artist that would make our ‘Pop Five’!? Well, he has!
It might not be very cool now to admit that we liked one of his songs AND we knew every word. ‘Livin La Vida Loca’ was our jam and we’re not afraid to admit it!

All we remember about the next one is that we loved it, ooh and it had a really bad word in it “sex”. At the time it’s fair to say we had no clue what we were singing about. However, now that we’re a little bit older and slightly wiser – we are shocked!
The Bloodhound Gang – ‘The Bad Touch’

Finally, the last song that made us love the waltzers in Tramore is…

After all that it’s time to go grab a bag of chips and head back to the mobile home (or if you’re really fancy then it’s your holiday home).

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