First Listen: Track By Track Review of Fifth Harmony – 7/27

The wait is finally over!
Fifth Harmony have dropped their brand new album ‘7/27’ today and we’ve got our hands on a copy.

Today at Pint of Pop we’re going to be listening to this album for the very first time and giving a track by track review.

Our fingers are crossed that this album won’t disappoint, it’s fair to say we have extremely high expectations after ‘Work From Home’ was such a worldwide smash.

*breaths heavily and presses play*

1. That’s My Girl
Ooooh shit! It’s got horns! That’s the first thing we’ve noticed. That, and the fact that they introduced the song with a very sassy “that’s my girl”.
It’s a fast one, there’s super speedy rapping/singing by one of the girls. It literally was so quick we’ve no idea which 5H girl even sang/rapped the lyrics but it’s good. We will have these lyrics learned off in no time – trust us!
Those horns are really stomping throughout the song and honestly it’s one of the best things about this track – the beat it SICK! (That’s what all the cool kids say these days isn’t it!?)

2. Work From Home ft. Ty Dolla $ign
The second song from the album is only Fifth Harmony’s biggest single to date. We’re sorry to say we’re skipping this one (only because we’ve heard it a million times before and so have you).

3. The Life
Before we’ve even listened to this one, we’re already thinking it’s going to be a ballad. ‘The Life’ just seems like it’s going to be filled with big notes, lyrics about being yourself and enjoying life. Lets see if we’re close?

Ok, so we’re now burying our head in shame – we are very wrong!
The song has a dance vibe going with this one and less of an R’n’B vibe. It’s somewhat futuristic yet summery. We could imagine the video for this one being shot on a beach in Miami with a spaceship in the background (hey, why not!?).
The song reminds us of something that Nicole Scherzinger would release. It’s good but not single worthy we think.

4. Write On Me
The 5H girls have already released a video for this song ahead of the albums release, although it’s since been confirmed that it’s not the girls new single but more of a promotional track.
The song is guitar driven with a sweet chorus that will stick in your head even if you don’t want it to.
“Write on me
Color outside the lines
Love the way you tat me up
Baby take your time
Write on me
Give me some wings, I’ll fly
Love the way you tat me up
I’ll never change my mind”

5. I Lied
This one starts off a little darker. It’s got an underground beat to begin with that we weren’t expecting.
As the song goes on we’re starting to think this is the song that producers had the most fun with so far. It’s literally got everything in it, pop influences, R’n’B undertones but ultimately it’s a dance record that sounds like the little sister to Skrillix and Diplo ft. Justin Bieber – ‘Where Are You Now’.

6. All In My Head (Flex) ft. Fetty Wap
It’s important to say at this point that this has been confirmed as the girls official second single from the album. Will it out perform ‘Work From Home’?
Let’s listen…

Mmmhh yes! This one’s sexy! It kicks off with a summery, smokey sound. We’re not even sure what that means but you’ll understand when you listen to the track. So far we think this is absolutely the right choice for single number 2 from the album.
It’s got us moving our hips which can only be a good thing. It also should be noted that as we listen to this record we are sitting down – the fact that we can move our hips whilst sitting down is an art form.
Fetty Wap lends his vocals to the track which give it an added flavour that really makes this a contemporary summer record that will be played all summer long.

The world will be singing “Fleeeeeex, time too impreeeeessssss” in a few weeks.

7. Squeeze
Firstly, can we just say we love the word squeeze. It’s such a friendly word, right!?
And now for the music…
Again, it’s got this futuristic summery sound that we heard on their other track ‘The Life’. This certainly wont leave a dent in the charts like some of their other single but nonetheless it’s a nice album filler that’s incredibly non offensive. Hardcore 5H fans should love this.

8. Gonna Get Better
This one is a proper ballad or so we think when Ally opens up with
“I’m not gonna leave you now
Oh, I know it’s gon’ get better”
However, the song takes a U turn and morphs into a mid-tempo R’n’B jam. It’s got hints of Rihanna ft. Drake – ‘What’s My Name’.
We’re itching for an up-tempo banger at this point, please let the next track be it!      C’mon girls, don’t disappoint.

9. Scared Of Happy
Lauren opens up the song and we’ve gotta say we are really impressed! That girl’s husky tones really do add a lot to this girl group.
So we asked for a banger and we got it! YAY!!
All of the Fifth Harmony ladies get a shot at singing on this one and we can see this track being a massive hit worldwide, if it gets released. It’s a club track with tropical vibes.
This makes us feel like drinking some club lemon from a coconut whilst playing the violin on Tramore beach. This is a hit!

10. Not That Kinda Girl ft. Missy Elliot
So this is the final track on the standard album but don’t worry, we’ve got the deluxe version with two bonus songs.

All we know is that it features Missy Elliot and we have high hopes for this one! Take it away ladies…

DAMN!!!! That opening took us back to Michael Jackson.. what the fuck is happening?
This has just hit us like slap of Walkman right in the face.
It’s got a 90’s vibe that we are loving. We’re really regretting throwing out our Adidas tear away pants now, they would feel right at home listening to this.
Everybody will love this, trust us! Music fans and critics will be impressed by Fifth Harmony’s skill at bring back some old school vibes.
Missy Elliot add some nostalgia to the record whilst delivering some fresh lyrics that fit right in for 2016!
This is without a doubt the best song on the album

So that’s it, the album is over for anyone who purchased the standard disk.
We managed to scrape together an extra few euro (pounds, dollars) and purchase the deluxe edition! Hey, it is payday after all.

11. Dope
This is somewhat dreamy, it’s like a dream sequence in a movie. It’s good, the girls even say a bad word “You’re pretty fuckin’ dope”.
At this stage we’re like yeah whatever, we can feel this if you want us to feel this, we’re sold!
‘Dope’ should have made the main album though, it’s a very different direction for Fifth Harmony and we can truly say we’ve never heard a song like it. It reminds us of something from the 80’s (we’re pretty sure we heard Game Boy sound effects in there).

12. No Way
We’re feeling somewhat sad that we’ve come to what is the final song from ‘7/27’ – What will it be? Banger or ballad…?

Errm, ok!? It’s a ballad, a really slow one. It’s like a really slow one.
If we’re being totally honest, this lets the album down big time – it wasn’t necessary at all.
However we’re simply going to pretend that this song doesn’t even exist because this shouldn’t be the last thing we hear off what is a brilliant pop album.

And now for our verdict: These girls have truly come into their own and have managed to create a diverse, summery, futuristic and damn catchy album!
7/27 doesn’t disappoint and has very little fillers.
Tracks to download: ‘That’s My Girl’ ‘Scared Of Happy’ ‘All In my Head (Flex)’ ‘Not That Kinda Girl’ and ‘Dope’.

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Have you got the album yet? What’s your favourite track from the girls?

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