Look Who Louisa Johnson Is Working With For New Track ‘Tears’

Lousa Johnson

She won the X Factor in 2015 and this year will see Louisa Johnson release her first proper debut single.
Before we get a dose of what a Louisa record will sound like, we’ve got some news that might interest you.
In what is a first for an X Factor winner, Louisa will feature on another artists record before she releases her own music.

Louisa will team up with Clean Bandit for a song called ‘Tears’ and it looks like it could be released as early as this weekend.

This could be a bold move for an X Factor winner. There has been zero promotion surrounding the single, but then on the other hand it’s a great opportunity to be seen as an “artist” and not an X Factor winner.
By jumping on board with an act like Clean Bandit who already have a loyal fan base and credibility she could do herself a massive favor.

Are you excited for this odd pairing? We’re pretty excited to be honest.

We’ve no idea what to expect but judging by some of her performance on the show we’ve no doubt that kick ass vocals will be a definite!

Take a listen to Clean Bandits biggest hit so far ‘Rather Be’.

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