5 New Tracks That Ireland Has To Offer


Once upon a time there was a country called Ireland. Legend had it that all the little people of the land danced around with a potato in one hand and a copy of U2’s greatest hits in the other.
Thankfully that was all just a vicious rumor and the people of Ireland are a far cry from that description.

Now it seems Irish folk like cappuccinos, we eat kale, we drink smoothies and more importantly when it comes to music we have a lot more to offer than just U2.
Don’t get us wrong we like Bono and the lads but c’mon!!

We simply do create some of the greatest songs around.

Check out these ‘5 New Tracks That Ireland Has To Offer’ here, we promise they’re good.

Róisín O – Give It Up

Hermitage Green – Not You Lover

Ailbhe Reddy – Distrust

Seo Linn – The Irish Roar

KBM & Rory Lynam – Stop Playing

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