5 Australian Soap Stars Turned Popstars


So we already know the obvious Australian soap stars that have had music carreers, Kylie and her sister Dannii, Jason Donovan and of course Delta Goodrem.

However, there are another group of actors/singers that have managed do both acting and singing to varying levels of success.

Die hard fans of Home and Away and Neighbours will remember the majority of these stars from their favourite Ozzy soaps in the 00’s.

We must admit, their acting was far better than their singing that’s for sure.

Tammin Sursok who played ‘Dani Sunderland’ in Home and Away.

‘It’s A Beautiful Thing’

Rebecca Cartwright who played ‘Hayley Smith’ in Home and Away

‘All Seats Taken’

Stephanie McIntosh who played ‘Sky Mangel’ in Neighbours

‘So Do I Say Sorry First?’

Georgie Parker plays ‘Roo Stewert’ in Home and Away

‘Here Comes The Sun’

Natalie Bassingthwaighte played ‘Izzy Hoyland’ in Neighbours


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