Brand New: Fifth Harmony – ‘Write On Me’ Video

Fifth Harmony have released the new video for their latest single ‘Write On Me’. If you’re expecting ‘Work From Home’ Pt2 then you certainly wont be getting it here.

The new track has much more of a pop sound with a summery vibe running through. Fans of the girls will be pleased to know that Lauren in the group takes on the majority of the vocals which is a good thing. We think her raspy voice is needed in more 5H songs.

Lets talk about the video for a second, it’s simple, it’s black and white and it’s clear that the video budget went on ‘Work From Home’ and not this one.
We like the part where they’re all sitting on chairs in a circle (but that’s really it). It’s an inoffensive pop video with a catchy pop chorus.

We’ve no doubt that the song will do well but we’re not so sure if that was the song to release alongside promoting the album. Fifth Harmony work best when they’re delivering them R’n’B flavors: ‘Worth It’ – ‘Work From Home’.

Take a listen to the song and check out the video here (anyone else think it looks like Rihanna’s – Four Five Seconds?)

Oh and it sounds like they’re saying ‘Ride’ on me…..


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