5 Things About The Chainsmokers ft. Daya ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ Video

We’ve waited a long time for this one and at last it finally drops!

The Chainsmokers have revealed the video to their single ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ ft. Daya.

We already know that the song is a hit but what’s the video like?
Here are 5 things that we noticed when watching the music vid for the first time.

The Chainsmokers clearly like listening to their own music!


Daya appears to be very distressed in the hills (NO WIFI!! … We’re here for you girl).


The jumping car is EVERYTHING!! ..We want one!

chain 3.png

This moment added with Daya’s vocals gave us the goosebumps! Nice work people.

chain 4.png

And finally… You don’t fuck with Daya and her flexible squad!

Chain 5.png

To sum the video up it’s kinda like The Craft visited The Hills – we like this a lot!
‘Don’t Let Me Down’ is out now – Follow us on twitter for random ass tweets!

Oooh and check out the video that we’re loving here:

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