Bonnie Ryan Throws Some Serious Shapes For ‘I’m Out’ Music Vid

Bonnie Ryan

It’s always pretty exciting when a new pop star comes on the scene, especially when they’re Irish.

The Coronas, Kodaline, U2, Gavin James, Walking On Cars plus many others do great things for Irish music but when it come to pop music there simply isn’t enough out there.

Bonnie Ryan (yes, the daughter of radio legend Gerry) hopes to change that with her debut single ‘I’m Out’. The song has got some eastern flavors to it, and a slightly 90’s vibe too, mix that with some risqué dance moves and you’ve pretty much summed up the new track.

Did we mention she looks great dancing on a bar counter?

It kind of reminded us of this moment from Coyote Ugly..

Will Bonnie be able to make a dent in the charts with her debut single?

Well that’s kind of up to you on whether you buy it or not!?

We say good luck to her.

You can check out the video for yourself and don’t forget to follow the guy who created this whole damn site on twitter: @EDROCHE

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