Throwback Track: Ann Lee – 2 Times


We miss the 90’s *insert sad face here* the music was an absolute cheese fest and that’s how we liked it.

Ann Lee’s ‘2 Times’ was the song of the year when it was released in 1999 and it’s celebrating it’s 17th birthday this month (man we feel old).

Take a listen to the song in it’s full glory here, and please once you’ve that done then stick around and scroll down (we have a little treat for you).

So, that’s the video out of the way and what a video it is.
Are you ready for what’s about to come?
Viewers of a nervous disposition please look away now!

We present to you, Ann Lee and a really dodgy ‘live’ performance of her hit ‘2 Times’.
We also present to you Ann Lee and some really dodgy trousers.

Ooh and not forgetting the dodgy shoes that every Irish girl in secondary school had a pair of.

It’s true, the miming is chronic and the dancing is comical but that doesn’t stop us wanting front row seats to this “so bad it’s good” performance.

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