“Will You Shift My Friend?” – Serious CHOONS!


Remember the days where everyone in the land was raving to some dance tune from Europe – not having a clue who actually sang the song!
You and your mates would literally know every single word to the track and throw some serious moves on the dance floor whilst asking pretty much everyone “will you shift my friend?”
Shift means kiss, for any non Irish readers.
Even if the answer was a “NO! You’re grand” it was soon forgotten about, because as soon as you had your 15 year old heart broken the DJ threw on a SERIOUS CHOOON LAD!

You ran to the dance floor did some ‘big fish little fish’ or ‘change the lightbulb’ dancing and didn’t even think for a moment that you had school on a Monday morning.

Today at Pint of Pop we celebrate some of those CHOONS and take ourselves back!

Scooter – The Logical Song
Year Released: 2002

Alice Deejay – Better Off Alone
Year Released: 2000

Starsplash – Free
Year Released: 2001

Lasgo – Sometimes
Year Released: 2001

Gigi D’Agistino – Bla Bla Bla
Year Released: 1999

What SERIOUS CHOONS do you rememeber growing up?
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