Flume! Contender for best single of the year?


If you’ve never heard of this song before then you can thank me right now and you can thank me here!

It really is a contender for the best song of the year so far (yes I know we’re only 2 months in).

The song is by Flume and features vocals from Kai, wanna know what it’s called? Well, it’s called ‘Never Be Like You’. The track has already gained massive attention in Australia where Flume is from. In fact the song has managed number 1! …..Good on you sir!!

Flume has been working his magic producing/remixing songs for years but this really is a cut above the rest.

It’s got to be only a matter of time before the songs blows up worldwide (just remember you got there first).

Have a look at the official video for the track here:

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