First Listen: ANTI – Track By Track Review

_rihanna_album-art_491759876We’ve got Rihanna’s new album and we’re ready to hit play. Fucking hell, we’ve waited a long time to do this!….. LETS GO!!!

*Hits play*

First up it’s the opening track:

Consideration ft. SZA
It’s dark, it’s moody and it’s got this old school beat running throughout. We could imagine fans of hip hop liking this one. ‘Consideration’ is by no means single material but it does have a creepy vibe to it and sets the tone for the rest of the album.

The best lyric goes to: “Let me cover your shit in glitter
I can make it gold, gold” – It’s absolute genius!

James Joint
Rihanna kicks this one off with: “I’d rather be smoking weed, Whenever we breathe”. Not exactly the kind of thing she would’ve said back in her Pon De Replay days but I guess we must remember Riri is all grown up and so bad-ass! This is what we call an ‘interlude’ it’s not really a track. We could do without it on the album…. NEXT!

Kiss It Better
Oooh it starts with some electric guitar, it’s got an 80’s rock vibe! This would’ve been perfect on ‘Rated R’. If we had to sum it up we’d say that the track is a mid tempo one, it’s sexy and gritty. Raaawrrrr!
The verses on this track are far better than the chorus (sorry to be negative but it’s true!)

Actually fuck it, we’re not sorry! It’s Rihanna, she can handle it!

Work ft. Drake
The world lost it’s shit when Rihanna dropped this song. To be honest we weren’t totally in love with this one as the track to launch the album. She’s teamed up with Drake in the past and what they’ve created has been incredible. Unfortunately we’re not really sold on this. It sounds like a shitter version of ‘Rude Boy’.

This is more like it Riri! It’s clear at this point listening to the album that it’s certainly no ‘Loud’. Don’t be expecting to hear ‘Only Girl In The World’ Pt2 anytime soon here. Desperado’s strongest moments are THAT OPENING and the chorus, it’s kinda catchy even if it’s not her strongest.
So far, Desperado is our favourite track (but what’s next?).

Woo ft. Travis Scott
Insert sad face here. Bloody hell! It’s noise, lots of noise!!
It’s one of those songs that if you play loudly you will be asked kindly to turn that shit off! We had to skip this one… Not for us!

Needed Me
The beat is trippy as fuck! Her vocals are crystal clear and so god damn dirty at the same time. The track is ok, again, we can’t really see this one ever making it to radio and it’s not exactly a crowed-pleaser. Rihanna is a fan of the “N” word here she says it a total of 2 times. The word “fuck” is literally fucked about throughout the song but her favourite swear word here by a clear mile is “shit”!
Someone needs to wash her mouth out!

Yeah, I Said It
First of all we like the title of this one. We’re expecting a floorfiller but will we get it?
*Presses Play and waits a second*

Ahhh fuck! We couldn’t have been further from the truth. It’s bloody slow and again makes us want the old Riri back. We understand some people will think we’re talking total shit here and crown this the greatest Rihanna album of all time. You crown it what you want but it’s fucking over rated and this track is a pile of shit!

Same Ol’ Mistakes
This song is over 6.30mins long. Yeah, we’re not even kidding.
Rihanna sounds like a totally different singer here, in a good way!
The songs has got a London Grammar vibe here mixed with eastern vibes. It’s not a bad track but again (without sounding like a broken record) it’s not brilliant.
We losing hope for this album.

Never Ending
Well at long fucking last. It’s a song that we can sing along to and no doubt pop fans will appreciate this one. It’s a ballad that has an acoustic guitar running throughout. It’s a lovely little song. One word: sweet.
It’s totally different to the previous songs on the album so we’re getting confused now.

Love On The Brain
Yes, yes!! Rihanna we had lost hope but fucking hell we instantly love this! WOW!!!!
We’re smiling and we’re only 45 seconds in. It’s 60’s sounding, it’s Motown, it’s got light and shade plus there’s backing vocals from some guy that sounds bloody amazing too. THIS IS A SINGLE and IT WILL BE NUMBER ONE!
We had to use cap locks because it’s that good. Rihanna’s vocals have never sounded like this ever. Bitch goes high, she goes all James Brown on our ass and we want more of this.
Maybe a motown record next?…. Now that’d be good.

Bloody hell! We’re serious now, Rihanna sounds great here. Again, it’s inspired by the greats, you can here her influences on this track. It’s only one verse and one chorus long and the worst thing we can say about it is that it’s too short. Other than that enjoy the poetry here, it’s stunning!

Close To You
Is this ‘Stay’ Pt 2? It’s certainly got a similar sound running through.
It’s a ballad and will keep fans of Rihannas slow tracks happy.
It’s not as good as Stay but it’s good when compared to some other songs from this album.
We could imagine this on a chick flick or some rom-com starring Ryan Gosling.

Ok so that’s it the album’s over! But we’ve got the Deluxe Edition with a whole extra three tracks. Lets see what’s happening here then?

Goodnight Gotham
It’s run time is ‘1.28’- What a fucking waste of time. This is NOT a song. We repeat THIS IS NOT A SONG! It’s bullshit, that’s what it is!………..NEXT!!

This is better. Rihanna is being all sassy and shit here. Shouting “Bitch” like there’s no tomorrow. It’s pretty much Rihannas version of Beyonce’s 7/11 – If you like that then you’ll love this!

Sex With Me
“Sex with me’s so amazing” – That was the first thing we heard on this track. Rihanna’s not stuck on confidence that’s for sure. It’s just another Rihanna track at this point, nothing special.

So that’s it. We’ve listened to the whole Rihanna ANTI album and overall to say we’re disappointed is an understatement. If you liked ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’ and ‘Pour It Up’ then you’ll love the album.
If you were hoping for ‘Diamonds’ or ‘We Found Love’ then you’re going to be left very disappointed.

Tracks worth downloading are: ‘Love On The Brain’ ‘Desperado’ ‘Never Ending’ ‘Kiss It Better’ and ‘Pose’


What did you think of the album? Is it her best?
Tell us here on twitter: @EDROCHE (He’s the guy who listened to the album)

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