The Lazy Review: Pitbull – Freedom


We really don’t want to like this track but gad damn we just can’t help ourselves.

Yes, it’s true that Pitbull might just be the cockiest man in music, it’s true at times he has been guilty of various crimes against music, and it’s true that he never changes his clothes (or else his wardrobe has 100 white suits).

However we have to set aside our personal differences and applaud Pitbull for creating a bloody good tune! ‘Freedom’ is everything you want in a weekend track, the second the DJ spins it you and your mates will fill the dance floor. The beat is infectious and the chorus has got that hook that will stick with you all day (even if you don’t want it to).

The video hasn’t been released yet but you can bet when it is, it will feature a dozen scantily clad females.

The Lazy Review: It’s catchy as fuck but we dislike him greatly! Sigh!!

Are you on twitter? Follow this guy: @EDROCHE becasue we said so.

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