2016 Ones To Watch


Move over 2015! 2016 is here and there’s some new artists we want you to look out for (remember Pint Of Pop told you all about them first).

First up we’ve gotta mention Daya.

Her track ‘Hideaway’ has been around for a while, but judging by it’s YouTube views nobody really noticed the track last year. 2016 should see her popularity increase (at least we hope so), she’s been plugging the shit out of it in America.

‘Hideaway’ will be one of those songs that everyone will be singing in a few months, we promise!

Next up on our radar is Dua Lipa, she’s singed with Warner Music which is the same label as Ed Sheeran, Jason Derulo and Coldplay.

Her track ‘Be the One’ is honestly like nothing we’ve ever heard before. Take a listen to what could just be the most original and freshest sound we’ve heard yet.

You might remember Francesco Yates from Robin Schulz song ‘Sugar’, well surprise, surprise Francesco is a boy!!!! Are we the only ones guilty of thinking that voice came from a woman?

Anyway, Francesco Yates releases his inner funk with the track ‘Change The Channel’. It’s got moments of Bruno Mars and dare we say it Prince.

Have a listen to this funky number.

Without a doubt here’s the coolest artist of 2016, say hello to Shamir!

Shamir has got fun written all over him and his music. ‘On The Regular’ will be on repeat for hours after just one listen, it’s fast, bouncy, colorful and has the ability to make your ass shake whilst sitting down.

With a name like Tom Bull this guy has got to be a star right!?

He’s diving straight into 2016 with his track ‘Bound To You’ which features vocals from Nadia Gattas. Tom has already caught the attention of Tiesto and Oliver Heldens and we’ve a feeling he’s going to catch the attention of music fans this year!

It’s got that sound that the UK charts are digging at the moment, take a listen to the CHOON here.

Who’s your favourite artist that we featured?

Go tell PintOfPop on twitter  (well it’s the guy who created this site… you get the idea! Just follow him okaaaaay!??)


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