The Lazy Review: Ben Haenow The Deluxe Edition


So we’ve listened to the debut album from X Factor winner Ben Haenow and here’s the verdict!

The Lazy Review: It’s all very safe!

We’ve included the audio from the best songs off the album, do you agree?

We were hoping Ben Haenow would give us a stronger/rock sound for his debut album, unfortunately he didn’t! It actually sounds like something Westlife would release in 2015 (that’s if Westlife were to release an album), it’s all very safe!

1. ‘Second Hand Heart’ (featuring Kelly Clarkson)

2. ‘Slamming Doors’
3. ‘All Yours’

4. ‘Start Again’
5. ‘Lions’

6. ‘Testify’
7. ‘Make It Back to Me’
8. ‘Way Back When’
9. ‘Brother’
10. ‘Something I Need’
11. ‘One Night’
12. ‘Ready for You’
13. ‘Greatest Mistake’
14. ‘Every Tear You Cry’

Fingers crossed Ben gets a shot at album number two! The man should release something like this! (Simon Cowell take some notes).

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