Sandi Thom – This One’s For You


Sandi Thom shocked the world this week when she went on a mad rant about certain radio stations not playing her music. She got very emotional about the whole thing really. It reminded of us “LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!!”

Anyway, it must be very frustrating as an artist to keep making music yet not getting the exposure that you feel you deserve. So here at Pint Of Pop we’re going to give her that exposure and showcase some Sandi Thom tracks (hey, every little helps right?)

She’s rather good actually, you should probably check her out here!

Here’s her new track ‘Earthquake’ which is out on!

And here are some others…
‘Flesh and Blood’

Here she is covering ‘November Rain’ and giving us all the chills!

‘Gold Dust’

Of course we had to feature ‘I Wish I Was Punk Rocker’

Are there any artist that you would like to see featured on Pint Of Pop?

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