LION BABE Are ‘Impossible’ To Ignore

LION BABE have revealed their new track ‘Impossible’ – it’s good, like really fucking good!

Take a listen to the song here:

For those interested (and you should be) the track is out July 24th – You can preorder now

It amazes me how LION BABE have gone under the radar in terms of global chart performance so far.

Their track ‘Wonderwoman’ is the kind of song that should’ve been a smash hit. It was produced by Pharrell “Happy” Williams and it’s funky as hell. I can imagine ‘Wonderwoman’ will get rereleased next year and blow up, then I’m going to be annoying people saying remember I told you about that track last year.

Wanna hear how good ‘Wonderwoman’ is? Open your ears here:

So that’s pretty much it, they’ve got a shit load more songs online make sure you check them out. For now though you can check me out on twitter @EDROCHE and say hi.

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