James Morrison Is Back! … And Lonely!

This track is definitely a grower and not a shower. On first listen this track doesn’t really offer anything new, in actual fact after about 10 listens I’m still not sure if it offers anything new but it does grow on you.

As a James Morrison fan & a dance music fan this should be right up my street, sadly it’s all a little MEH!

Is it the best song in the world? NOPE

Will you be asking the Dj for this in the club? Probably not!

Will you dance to it if it’s played on a night out? I would say you’ll casually bob your head and sip on your drink.

I cant help but feel like James has sold his soul a little bit and has in fact become a “slave to the music”.

The sooner James gets that guitar out the better!

I feel like I’m being a little negative on the track and that’s because I am! This shit has been done hundreds of times before and better!!

I’ve no doubt it will chart inside the top 10 upon it’s release just because this sound sells.

Rating: 5.5/10

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