No Arrest for Eva Simons – ‘Policeman’ / It’s Jiggelin Great

‘C’mon! When you hear that there’s a new tune called ‘Policeman’ you immediately know it’s gonna be a fun record right?

Good news if your a fan of sirens and the word “arrest” because Eva Simons new single has buckets loads of both.

It’s also got elements of  ‘Major Lazor – Pon De Floor’ aka. ‘Beyoncé – Run The World’ – which can only be a good thing.

Eva has been making music for years but she’s never really set the charts on fire across the world. She had that track with Will.I.Am that was a hit, ‘Is This Love’, but that was his song and not hers.

‘Policeman’ should be blowing up your speakers this summer, but will it be? … Probably not!

Had Rihanna released this it would be climbing straight to number 1 as we speak. Unfortunately the rest of the world isn’t ready for Eva just yet but be warned….they should be!

If Eva continues on her streak at creating bouncy numbers like this one then it’s only a matter of time before the world (like me) become obsessed with her.

Take a listen to ‘Policeman’ here:

And here’s “Silly Boy” from a few years back (just because it’s so damn good):

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