Can ‘Fifth Harmony’ Smash The UK with their ‘Sledgehammer’?

‘You’d be forgiven for thinking on first listen that this is a pretty shit single.

Take another listen……….. and yep, still shit.

Then watch the video and suddenly, as if it were magic.. it works!!

Fifth Harmony have finally made the big attempt to break outside of America and attack the UK market with ‘Sledgehammer’. The girls who appeared on The X Factor USA are now gearing up for their performance on the British version of the show this weekend.

The girls really do have amazing voices as individuals and truth be told some of the stronger singers are used as backing vocals in the song and never really get their moment to shine.

‘Sledgehammer’ is good but it’s not ground breaking.

It’s really unclear who Fifth Harmony are – yes the song is a good pop tune, yep they can all sing but who are they and what’s their sound? Whilst watching the video there were so many moments that looked like something The Saturdays did about four years ago.

‘BO$$’ was a single released by them in America earlier this year, it’s really a massive shame that ‘BO$$’ didn’t get an official UK release. YES – It really is THAT good! It had bags of attitude and would have done really well in the summer – It’s right up there with ‘Problem’ and ‘Fancy’.

Their latest single ‘Sledgehammer’ is taken from their forthcoming album ‘Reflection’.

Will the track be a success at this side of the water…………….. I’m doubtful but good luck to them.

I predict a chart placing in the UK at number 23.

And because I mentioned ‘BO$$’ so much, it’d be rude not to show you the video. . . .

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