Calvin Harris ft. Ellie Goulding: ‘Outside’ Single Review

This is my attempt at a proper single review, there’s no messing about here!
Calvin Harris has released the audio for his collaboration with Ellie Goulding. The song is called “Outside” and it’s taken from Calvin’s forthcoming album Motion.
The dance track begins with synths and beats that have Calvin’s sound stamped all over it. There are hints of his hit single “Summer” to begin with but that soon fades the moment Ellie Goulding lays down her vocals.
Ellie opens the track with the lyrics “Look at what you’ve done / Stand still / fallin’ away from me / When it takes so long / Fire’s out / what do you want to be?” The moment you hear Ellie’s vocals it becomes clear that the track means business. There are times when you think “have I heard this song before”, that’s probably due to Calvin Harris’ now trademark sound which we’ve all become so familiar with. Whatever your thoughts on Calvin are I think we can agree on one thing, the man knows how to create a radio friendly hit. To date he holds the record for the most top ten hits from one studio album on The UK Singles Chart – he’s managed nine consecutive hits, in case you were wondering.
The last time these two teamed up for a track was “I Need Your Love” which featured on Calvin’s number one selling album “18 Months”. That collaboration was a massive success for both artists, it managed to chart within the Top 5 in the UK charts upon it’s release. Not only was the song a hit for them both, but the music video received a nomination at the 2013 Brit Awards for British Video of The Year.
Teaming up with female singers for a dance track has been a trend of recent years. David Guetta set the standard high with Kelly Rowland – “When Love Takes Over” and Sia – “Titanium”, however that hasn’t stopped some of the worlds biggerst DJ’s trying their hardest to emulate his success.
Zedd released “Clarity” with Foxes on lead vocals in 2013 and this year Alesso has managed to get Tove Lo on his new track “Heroes”. It seems that a dance beat and a “quirky” female singer is a winning formula for any DJ/Producer.
It’s clear that Calvin and Ellie know how to make a hit record but can the success of “I Need Your Love” be repeated on their latest offering “Outside”? The simple answer is yes! The production values on the track are on point and Ellie Golding’s vocals are mesmerizing. There’s no doubt “Outside” will be played on your favourite radio station very soon and fill the dance floors in clubs across the world. Although this is Calvin’s song it really wouldn’t be as infectious if it wasn’t for the delicate tones of a certain Ellie Goulding.

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