Pop Five: Songs That Could’ve Been Big


It’s really frustrating as a music fan when you get an album and can’t wait for the day that your favourite track gets released as a single for everyone else to hear how good it is.

You know that one song that you’ve already imagined how the music video will look, that song you know everyone else will fall in love with just as much as you have, that same song that may convert non fans!

Sadly for many pop fans that day rarely happens now – more often that not the “best song” off an album never gets a single release.

Although this is subjective (who’s to say I’m right) but here are some tracks that could’ve been big!!

Katy Perry – Legendary Lovers / Album: Prism

Little Mix – Madhouse / Album: DNA

The Black Eyed Peas – Missing You / Album: The E.N.D

The Saturdays – Faster / Album: On Your Radar

Leona Lewis – Take A Bow / Album: Spirit

Which songs do you think could’ve been big if they were released?
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