Dear Usher – Who the fuck is “shawty”?

In Ushers new single he sings: “If you dance on a pole that don’t make you a hoe”

Where I’m from – YES IT DOES!!! It makes you more than just a hoe, people will talk and probably call you a slag too.

If “shawty” came to my town she would be greeted with the words “GET A REAL JOB” (it’s probably best if she stays away from my town then).

Poor “shawty” you really have to feel for her – Usher wasn’t even arsed to give her a name!

Just who the fuck is “shawty”?

Could it be the same “shawty” that got a mention in ’50 Cents – In Da Club’? … We’ll never know!

Usher has teamed up with Juicy J for his new track ‘I Don’t Mind’ and although I can’t relate to the track lyrically, truth is there’s actually a decent melody hidden amongst them god awful lyrics.

Let me know what you think of the song @EDROCHE

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