Could Cheryls New Video Be Any More Boring?

Cheryl is back with the second single from her new album ‘Only Human’ (am I the only one humming Christina Perri – Human?).

It’s fair to say that the new track is actually something which you would describe as pop brilliance it’s just a shame about the shitty video.

There are three questions I have about the video:

1 – Who are the other girls on the yacht with Cheryl that get so excited at the sight of a video camera?

2 – Why does Cheryl feel the need to hand flick us away like a piece of meat in almost every shot?

3 – Did Nicole Sherzinger (Your Love) and herself get a two for one offer to shoot their videos in the same location? (They look awfully similar).

The video could have done with Cheryl gyrating a large shiny disco ball and smashing the shit out of it with a sledgehammer (c’mon the track sounds like a modern disco anthem). Instead we get her on a yacht with no P Diddy in sight!!?

I’m pretty sure Cheryl ‘doesn’t care’ what anyone has to say anymore but really…. It’s looking more like an extended Loreal advert than it does a music video.

One comment

  1. You’re absolutely right. We do a section called Music Video of The Week on our blog, so we keep an eye out for Music Videos, and this is just disappointing from Cheryl :/
    ‘It’s looking more like an extended Loreal advert than it does a music video.’ Nicely summed up.
    I don’t mind the song much. It grows on you.


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